About Us

Yes! We can trust is a group formed by individuals living with various disabilities, who have come together to promote independent living and solve various problems that come up in the process of independent living through their own personal experiences.

For us independent living has a very vast scope it includes all the facets of human life it doesn’t mean that we want to promote the medical model of handling disabilities (an example of that would be if a person doesn’t have the hand function to tie his or her shoelaces we do not want ot spend all the energy in trying to teach them that specific skill.) rather we would like them to have their skills to ask for help or use their own environment in a way which facilitates them in tying their laces.

The preconceived notion held by most of the disabled individuals is that they take themselves as a burden on family, friends and ultimately society, this very idea hinders their overall development. We at Yes! We Can are working towards the elimination of this thinking in PWDs and concurrently developing self-confidence in them.

In order to achieve independent living, we organize a variety of events and workshops to equip our members with proper skills and aptitude that will help them in facing various situations and also help them in becoming a contributing part of society.

The events that we organize are a mixture of personal entertainment such as:

  • participation in cultural and social events
  • organizing workshops to empower our members which cultivates a positive attitude
  • developing vocational skills to homebound members in order to make them a contributing part of society.
  • Equipping them assistive devices
  • Training them inaccessible mobility through assistive devices
  • Enabling them to acquire social skills which help them to act accordingly in real time situations
  • watching movies in regular cinema hall